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What is Adsense Code, HTML, XML and JavaScript Code Converter Tool

This converter tool is a helpful tool for blogger and web designer because it helps you to convert all HTML, XML, and JavaScript before you add to some strict website template code or if you use the blogger template then you will meet the typical blogger error messages.

If you have a problem with some HTML, XML, JavaScript code and Embed or iframe code that sometimes your blog template or some other HTML or PHP Template does not accept those codes when you press the save button. Then you need this tool to convert or change into the correct format.

Technically, it does so by replacing the reserved HTML characters with their XHTML equivalents. It’s basically a simple HTML Encoder that automatically replaces all HTML special characters like <, >, & into entities &lt;, &gt;, &amp;.

How to use the tool?

It is very simple to use the tool, just paste any codes you want to convert to the text field then press Convert Now Button. Once you have the converted code, that is a correct format that will be working for you.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Why do you need to convert HTML Code?

HTML Converter tool is a very simple tool that allows you to convert your HTML, Javascript, XML codes encode. Encode is accepted with all condition. I will give you an example: I use a blogger blog to placing the Google Adsense ads but every time I insert to the HTML area, I could not save it. It means the Blogger code area does not work properly with Adsense code. This case is affected by the third party Blogger templates. Then the solution that you can add your Google Adsense on your blog is converting the code to encode before you place them in the Blogger HTML Code area.